How Attending ONE Business Seminar SAVED MY BUSINESS 😮


Being a teacher of 20 years before I started my grooming business, I am a massive advocate for continuing education in any chosen profession. 

As groomers, we love what we do and we are caring, compassionate, creative souls.

Transforming a dirty, overgrown mess of a dog or cat into one deserving of being in the show ring is what makes us tick.

If and when we EVER find the time for additional training, USUALLY we choose classes that deal with perfecting our scissoring expertise or refining breed standard trims.

We often overlook classes and seminars simply about running a business efficiently and for longevity.

It's been 12 years since I participated in a local Women Entrepreneur group seminar titled How To Work ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business.

What I learned from this session has saved my business from failure two critical times.  

    • The first in 2011 when I took a one year leave for breast cancer treatment
    • Presently, while I'm on leave from the business with a double broken leg. MY LESSON LEARNED -when playing with my Black Russian Terrier  "Buttercup" 🌼  , ALWAYS know her whereabouts. 

      Her frivolous play can wipe you out with the force of a linebacker!  🚑

Life presents unexpected events, and today I'm confined to a chair with my leg up in the air. 

For six weeks, our team of 21 has to continue without me.  😲


 Are you prepared if you are out of commission from your business for an extended time?

If you have employees, can they survive and continue to flourish without your presence in the business?

Do you have "SYSTEMS" in place and documented, so services stay on time, every time, exactly as promised?

Does your team exemplify "THE WHY" of your business with the same passion as you do? 

Because I attended this seminar, I can answer YES to all the above questions. 

In both incidents, I can confidently say my UNEXPECTED leave proved, not only would the team flourish, but many would also step up and become true leaders.



So, any time you have a particular way of doing things, that in itself is a system.

It's just a matter of making your system the most streamlined, efficient, and effective it can be based on your business goals.

To fully explain how I created "Systems" in my business would be too cumbersome for this blog.

But what I will provide you with is an example of a system and the book's name that provided me step-by-step guidance on getting started.




When I returned from the seminar How To Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business, the first thing we did was have all employees record EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING they did in their day, from providing baths/grooms to emptying the garbage.  

If the groomers were in the mobiles, this may include emptying the water tanks, filling up with gas, and cleaning the air conditioning vent.

For the admin, it may include answering phones, documenting messages, booking clients. 

As you can imagine, many micro-steps were recorded. and from there, these steps were evaluated as a staff.

This massive list enabled us to decipher:
  • which were duplicated jobs?
  • which jobs could be better served with different individuals?

Through staff input and discussion we created the magic formula, and recorded the systems in binders that every individual could access. 

Don't get me wrong- these systems are constantly in motion as the business evolves, but the entire staff participates in improvements from the time of creation.   


We use 123Pet Software for our business.

If you sat at Val's (our receptionist's) desk, you would find a binder to her right filled with everything Val does in her day along with the duplicatable micro-steps to carry out each task successfully.

The purpose of this is if Val cannot be there, her replacement has a benchmark or starting point and an apparent reference on EVERYTHING Val does, including even the most minor things such as how to change the toner in the photocopier. 


The seminar How to Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business was based on the following book.  A resource I highly suggest for any business owner. 


Education for your grooming business goes beyond learning to master grooming techniques.

Don't overlook learning business strategies.


When life is unpredictable, being prepared and having stellar team members and protocols are imperative

I have no worries while recovering that the business is in GREAT HANDS and with duplicatable systems in place.  

I'm blessed with an incredible staff with the same passion, desires, and dedication as myself -providing exemplary, consistent services IN ALL SITUATIONS- including when their leader is on bed rest, all because of an UNPREDICTABLE Black Russian Terrier named Buttercup 🌼 . 


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  • Connie I am so impressed with your mind and how it works. You truly are an inspiration to me. For years I have used my business as a safe place for me to hide because my marriage was not. Now that I am out of that marriage and I am getting older my views on my business have changed. Thank you for being a bright reference!

    Lorna Phillips

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