The ONE Grooming Tool You'll Need This Spring

SPRING IS HERE! Enjoy the warmer weather, plants coming back to life, birds singing, and........ MATTED DOGS & CATS. 😠

Your phone continually rings, and clients are disappointed in YOU when they can't get an appointment tomorrow.

You know the clients I'm talking about- those once or twice-a-year clients....

OR, those semi-regular doodle clients whose dogs have been enjoying the snow and haven't been brushed since their last professional groom (probably during the Christmas season)......

OR, those "Mushroom Cats" that have been lonnnnnggggggg overdue for a professional groom. 


They're on their way to YOUR SALON! 😲

Shaving matted dogs and cats is a spring reality.

These shave-downs are far from rewarding, and more often than not, prove to be time-consuming, stressful, and frustrating!

There's a well-known saying the students of Apex Academy of Professional Grooming often hear from me, and that is: "Time is Money."

We all know this as reality.

The difference superior quality tools provide compared to "adequate" ones include the wear and tear on your body, productivity (time), and a direct hit to your bottom line.

If you can remove the pelt on a fully matted dog or pelted cat in significantly less time, it's money in your pocket and less stress on your body.

When approaching this "spring-doggie/kitty-demographic," your goals will probably be as follows:

1. Remove the pelt/matting in a quick, safe, and efficient way.

2. TRY to educate the owner towards a more regular, recurring schedule.

With goal #1, we have the most control. We can ensure our tools are sharp, running optimally, efficient, and high-performing to get the job done.

With goal #2, things get a bit more complicated, as often these once/ twice-a-year clients are hard to convert.

The ZZG Grooming Store recently became a distributor for Heiniger.

The clipper I want to introduce you to is the new Heiniger OPAL. (refer to the video below)

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these clippers because of their workhorse ability to get the job done with power and speed.

Yes, they are an investment. I genuinely feel these clippers set a new standard in terms of noise, power, and ergonomics. Plus, their longevity will more than pay off in the end.

Think about it- if you accomplish five additional spring shave-downs due to this clipper's efficiency, your investment (monetarily) is paid for, and your body will thank you too!

NOW to add a little more advantage to your canine grooms
- check out the Zolitta Extra Wide Blades.

I PROMISE this combo will be LIFE CHANGING!

You, my friend, will be off to the races!


Please contact me if you have questions about the Heiniger OPAL (available in one or two battery) or the Zolitta Extra Wide Blades.

I am here to help YOU make dogs and cats beautiful again.


Please send me any items on your wish list, which you'd love us to carry in the store.

We all have so much to share, and together is always better!

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