You LOVE helping your clients and making their dogs and cats beautiful again- 

it's in your DNA as a professional groomer. 

You want your client's pets to look perfect upon leaving your salon!

As perfectionists, with certain dogs, we feel a sense of disappointment when our masterpieces look great in every way but remain with tear stains, and there is little we can do about it.

The process of shaving the stained coat works temporarily on some dogs, but of course, this is not an option for cats.

Not only does the tear staining look unsightly, the dog or cat's skin underneath is also sore and irritated from the acidity of the residue.

This condition makes our job challenging and stressful while grooming the tender area.

We experience disappointment with a tear-stain-prone dog or cat in the short time it's in our salon; now, imagine how frustrating and discouraging this must be for their owners.


As a business owner of both a dog grooming salon (Zoom Zoom Groom) and a cat grooming salon (PreZoomably Cats), I've promoted several eye products over the years. Many of which never really worked as I hoped, and the one that worked amazingly, had a secretly hidden ingredient (antibiotic) and was pulled from the shelf.

With my tear staining experience, I was skeptical about trying the Show Tech No More Tears and the Show Tech Vitalize even though I heard great stories about it:

  • natural and safe for BOTH dogs and cats
  • easy to use
  • effective at eliminating stains 

A staff member (Janet) has two dogs both experience eye staining.  One is is a Maltipoo (Winston) and the other a Cavalier (Liam)Janet took the products home, with the goal to create a photo progression. 

We wanted to see with our own eyes the performance of these two products.  


Here's a visual of our two-week results 👏

Amazing right?  I'm super excited to see the long term results, but not nearly as excited as Janet (their mom) is! 

We will continue to post the progressions on our Facebook page!

Here's how the Show Tech Tear Stain products work: 



  • You can use either product independently. But for long-term stubborn staining, we suggest you use both (at least initially).



  • Apply the Show Tech No More Tears by saturating a cotton pad with the solution and wiping the stained areas gently. Use a new pad for each eye. We recommend doing this daily to your dog or cat.


  • Show Tech Vitalize is a 100% natural dietary supplement specifically formulated to help prevent tear stains in dogs & cats.


  • The recommended dose should be given daily (mixed with food or given separately) during the first 14 days and reduced weekly until finally stopped at 90 days. The amount is dependent on your dog or cat's weight and is listed on the container.


  • This treatment may be repeated if necessary after a recess of 90 days. 


How Can Groomer's Incorporate These Products Into Their Business?

1.  You can educate and offer these products retail to clients.  In doing this, you have once again solved their problems.  At the end of the day- you solve problems; smelly, shedding, unsightly, dirty, greasy problems!  YOU make pets beautiful again!

2.  You can use the solution with each groom.  The product comes in a 1 L bottle for groomers. Note: a one time wipe will not solve anything, but eventually you may have a group of clients using the products and appreciate you adding this service onto their professional grooms. 

The solution works great to wipe out the wrinkles of squishy faced dogs and cats too- even as a one-time application. 


There, you have it. I'm super excited about the products and offering them to our cat and dog clients. 

There's also a beautiful display for retailers.  Call us for more details. 


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