About Us

The ZZG Grooming Store is a partnership between Yufei Hu and Connie Buchanan. 

Yufei loves to experiment with new tools and products to find the best of the best. 

Connie loves providing high-performing tools and products that make a difference in a business's success and offer health benefits to pets and groomers! 

Meet Yufei Hu!

Hello, I am so excited to share exciting products and tools with fellow groomers!  

I’ve been a professional groomer at Zoom Zoom Groom since 2012. I am also the lead instructor of Apex Academy of Professional Grooming since 2020.

I love participating in competitive grooming and I have attended shows throughout North America.

In 2017, I was nominated and awarded “Canadian Up and Coming Groomers of the Year.”

In this same year, I was invited to be a guest speaker of Global Groomers- The Dynasty Collection.

In 2019, I won Best In Show at MasterGroom Canada and ranked overall in the top 10 Canadian groomers.

Nothing makes me happier than new products and tools- I always want to find the best of the best! 

This new journey: The ZZG Grooming Store is one I'm so excited about. 

I hope you like what we have to offer and if you ever want an item not included in the store, please don't hesitate to ask!


Meet Connie Buchanan

Hello, from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Yufei walked into my life ten years ago, and I am so blessed and honoured she is now a part of this project with me! 

I'm the owner of Zoom Zoom Groom, PreZoomably Cats, and the founder of Apex Academy of Professional Grooming.

The ZZG Grooming Store is a project of love. Over the years, I have facilitated the education of many bright, up-and-coming groomers and a staff of over 22 members. 

I look at tools and products as imperative to the success of groomers and their businesses. Just as an artist depends on high-quality tools, so should a groomer.  

Using tools and products that create optimal results for the pets we groom and the groomer is essential for success and career longevity. 

To learn more about "Why" I started this journey now, please check out my blog: 

WHY Start the ZZG Grooming Store NOW?

Thank you for joining Yufei and me in bringing products and tools to you!