Educating Clients

As important as offering your clients exceptional grooming services, educating them on their pet's coat and skin needs is equally essential. 


Groomers have a wealth of experience and information to share, and many clients are waiting for someone to take the time to help them with their questions. 


I believe in educating clients so much about home maintenance care; our salon has created a one-on-one (paid) service helping clients navigate their dog's coat care requirements. From introducing proper tools for their dog to understanding the correct techniques- we spend an hour answering their questions. We even allow them to practice techniques using our professional tools on their dog.  


Once clients experience the difference that proper tools and techniques provide on their dog's coat, they are excited to purchase many of the items shared. 


As groomers, our role far outreaches the trim; it includes being an essential resource to our pet owners regarding skin and coat care between grooming appointments. 


"Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn."—Benjamin Franklin