Optimizing YOUR Winter Retail

Having retail can:

  • Provide you with an extra income 


  • Assist in covering expenses


  • Provide a more positive client experience at your salon


When choosing what to sell in your salon, ask yourself:

What products support your goals as a groomer?


    • At Zoom Zoom Groom, we love selling tools clients can use for home maintenance. It's an easy sell because we believe in educating our clients and offering professional tools they may not find at a box pet store.


    What potential retail products excite you?


      • What can you promote that aligns with your passion and that you feel comfortable sharing with clients? My experience has proven that selling an item I'm not over-the-top excited about is extremely difficult.  


      Do you want to include consumables that can expire (food, treats etc.)?

      •  In my early days, I stocked my salon with high-quality dog food. I love feeding my dogs the best of the best, but I didn't feel qualified to share my knowledge with others. I found staying on top of current information was too time-consuming (with long grooming hours).

        Selling food became stressful, and much of my inventory expired before it was ever sold.

        Food wasn't a passion of mine- skin and coat care was.

        You, however, may have a stronger desire to sell food than I did. It may be the perfect fit for a retail add-on at your salon- especially if you are located in a smaller community with limited amenities. 


      What products would make clients' lives easier/ more enjoyable?


      • In this business, we are respected for the artistry we complete on the pets, but our clients also see us as a valuable resource for their dog's coat and skin health. When addressing coat/skin care, ask yourself if there are retail items that can improve the client's experience- for example, winter essentials (coats, boots, paw treatments etc.).


      Other Winter Products We Sell ...



      Are You Optimizing Your Retail Opportunities?

      Want help getting started? Contact The ZZG Grooming Store- and we'll help you discover the potential of retail!