Providing Winter Skin Relief (Retail)

Here are four winter products we successfully sell in our salon:


1) Musher's Secret Paw Wax forms a breathable, dense barrier to protect dogs' paws from the elements in extreme weather conditions. Once applied, Musher's Wax absorbs quickly. It protects the dog from salt residue and ice melt, ice build-up, & snowballing.  

 (* available at The ZZG Grooming Store)

2) Best Ever Nose Balm is the perfect SOS for dry noses. It will moisturize and soothe with its combination of Coconut and Almond Oil and protect from the sun and dry conditions with its natural Raspberry Seed Oil SPF.

 (* available at The ZZG Grooming Store)


3) Doglyness Spray All Day was developed to strengthen the hair follicles and protect them from breakage while creating a protective shield around each hair strand. It's the perfect spray-on conditioner for those long, dry, extreme winter months. 

 (* available at The ZZG Grooming Store)


4) Healthy Fats Supplement: Offer an omega 3/ 6 supplement.  

With so many dogs suffering from dry skin (especially in the winter), it's easy to discuss the benefits of a high-performing Omega 3/6 supplement. 

Client education about the importance of healthy fats includes sharing the following benefits: 

  • healthy fats keep cells alive for longer - allowing them to shed less frequently
  • healthy fats can reduce itchiness 
  • healthy fats limit general shedding and dandruff.

Animal sources, like wild-caught salmon oil, are the most effective, as they contain a wider variety of omega fatty acids and a better balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. Plant-based fatty acids, such as flaxseed and coconut oil, are a great option.

At Zoom Zoom Groom, we sell an Elite 3 Hemp Oil product, and our clients rave about its benefits on their dog's skin and coat.