Start From Scratch Curly Coat Bundles


Welcome to The ZZG Grooming Store. You are on this page because of two possible reasons:

1. I've  you some home-grooming and hygiene knowledge for YOUR Curly Coated Dog through emails, Facebook or Instagram.

2. You have purchased the Start From Scratch: Home Groom YOUR Dog Like An Expert.  I am so proud and excited you are learning with me on this platform!

Either way...

I've designed bundles for your Curly-Coated dog to make YOUR life easier. 

These bundles are created as part of the Start From Scratch Home-Groom Your Dog Like An Expert Program.  If you are taking the course you will want the tools I demonstrate with.  They truly are amazing!

It is my hope you are a part of the Start From Scratch Course as I think there's so much learning to go with your dog's coat type.  

But even if you are not a part of the course you will still receive a ONE-TIME groomer's discount for the bundles.

WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE START FROM SCRATCH: HOME GROOM YOUR DOG LIKE AN EXPERT COURSE, you qualify for life-time groomer pricing within The ZZG Grooming Store