Maintenance HEAVY & DOUBLE-COATED One-Stop Tool Bundle For MEDIUM-LARGE DOGS

Maintenance HEAVY & DOUBLE-COATED One-Stop Tool Bundle For MEDIUM-LARGE DOGS

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Aaronco Suction Cup Anchor: In the course, I teach how to use this handy device in both the bathing and finishing area.  The purpose of the anchor accomplishes three things:

1) Safety of the dog

2) Your safety

3) The anchor along with the safety lead provides the dog with a message there's a job to be done

Groomer's Helper Safety Lead

This is our long-time favourite - in fact, it's the only lead we use in our busy salon. Made of strength with nylon and safety adjustments that are second to none. 

Show Tech Wide Sized Flex Slicker 

In the course, you will learn how to use this slicker during the de-shedding process (in the bathing space).  The flex properties of this brush make it a gentle helper and lessen the chance of brush burn.


Yento Mega Pin Medium Slicker

This is the perfect brush to use to line-brush in the finishing space.  The loner pins enable you to brush through the heavier coat to the skin level.  In the course, I teach how to properly handle this brush so it's a gentle, pain-free experience for the dog. 

Show Tech Speed Stripper (Wide 13 Blade)

This tool is masterful at breaking up dead coat, and carding (removing ready undercoat).  It also can be used to tackle mats.  This tool will splice through a mat, creating smaller pieces to work on.

Aaronco Wundercoat'r

Oh, how we love this tool to gently card out the undercoat.  It has three rows of rounded pins that get the job done gently and efficiently.


Show Tech Large Nail Trimmer

This nail trimmer is strong and ready for nails on medium-large dogs.

Aaronco 9" Poodle Comb

Don't underestimate the value of the comb!  In the course, I teach this tool is your "judge and jury"!  If the comb can't glide through 100% of the dog without jamming- you have more work to do!

Curry On A Stik

A favourite for so many reasons!  We use this tool in both the bathing and finishing spaces.  This tool is excellent at: 

1) scrubbing shampoo into the dog

2) carding (pulling out undercoat)

3) massaging the skin

4) dogs love it!

Dremel Nail Grinder

This grinder is strong enough for the toughest nails.